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Our goal is quality, Christian education. Our teachers demonstrate mastery of instructional practice and content and exhibit a passion for lifelong learning.
Our intent is for our students to grow as lovers of God who seek Truth, serve others, and steward creation and culture. This vision is the lens through which we plan and evaluate all curricular and co-curricular activities from the first day of kindergarten to the last day of high school. Our academic deans integrate plans across grade levels with these aims in mind.

Challenging Minds

Each of us has been distinctly gifted and called to love God with our hearts as well as our minds. The importance of this calling requires that we practice a rigorous pursuit of academics. Our students master skills and pursue deep understandings by cultivating intellectual and spiritual curiosity, engaging with others in discourse, research, and inquiry, and solving complex problems with creativity and careful thought.

In doing so, students learn to curate resources that direct themselves and others to truth, beauty, and goodness. Our goal is that our students would be equipped for the lifelong pursuit of truth and that they would embrace the call to stewardship and service in creation and culture.

Thinking Critically

Hear how High School Science teacher Doug Jipping helps students understand the world around them.

"The driving force behind my teaching is that students would be able to apply logical, scientific approaches to truth and understanding in all areas of my life. My hope is that students are equipped to thoughtfully evaluate and respond to the different ideas and opinions they encounter."

Doug Jipping, High School Science Teacher

Engaging Hearts

While the current academic landscape is increasingly dominated by voices promoting atheism as a prerequisite for higher learning, our faculty have a passion for understanding and teaching the intersection of their academic field and their faith. Teachers provide students with the knowledge they need to evaluate complex worldviews. Applying a biblical perspective allows students to see the "bigger picture" of the universe. Our aim is for students to leave equipped to thoughtfully evaluate and respond to the different ideas and opinions they encounter. We don't isolate students from the world but equip them to enter it.

Accepting the Challenge

Listen as Lower School Academic Dean, Jamie Sims, explains how equipping students to reach their full potential sometimes means tailoring academics to encourage specific God-given gifts.

“It’s about finding the exact pacing that each students needs so that they can continue to grow...helping our teachers locate the tools that they need within our math curriculum so that they can challenge every student every day no matter what lesson or standard we're learning.

Jamie Sims, Lower School Academic Dean


Chattanooga Christian School is accredited by AdvancED and the Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS). 赌博平台大全 is approved by the Tennessee Department of Education and is a member of Christian Schools International (CSI).